Committees & Krewes

Standing Committees


    Charged with ensuring the board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through adequate governance and policy development, recruitment and training programs, monitoring activities, and board and CEO evaluation. Comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, Chaired by Heather Gay.

Finance & Audit:

    Plans, monitors and oversees the organization’s use of its financial resources, including developing a budget to allocate the organization’s funds. This committee will develop for board action the financial policies the organization requires. Unless the organization has a separate Audit Committee, the Finance Committee will also oversee and review the organization’s independent audit or financial review. Chaired by Daynita Smith

Fund Development:

    Works with staff and board to organize and implement the organization’s fund raising events and activities, including the solicitation of major gifts and grants. Chaired by Ryan Evans.

*From time to time, we will publicize volunteer opportunities on various committees and Krewes. Watch for announcements via our website, e-newsletter and Facebook/Twitter.
You can find out more about being apart of the committees and Krewes by clicking here and filling out the form.


These are ad hoc committees in the spirit of New Orleans Carnival Krewes, who organize the Mardi Gras parades.
If you would like to volunteer for a leadership position, click here to view volunteer leadership opportunities or contact us here.

Communications and Marketing:

Develops and implements overall communications plan and marketing strategy. Will redevelop and deploy website. Chaired by any qualified member of the board, staffed by the Communications and Community Outreach Director, and includes at least one Advisory member.

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Annual Report:

Oversees and develops the agency’s 2011 Annual Report. Chaired by any qualified Board Member. Staffed by Executive Director and/ or his or her designee.

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Program Development and Evaluation:

Develops program descriptions, service delivery models, and evaluation processes. Chaired by Vice President. Staffed by ED and/ or his or her designee.

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